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Make a Better Brain (and Body) That Doesn’t Fade with Age

Young Forever Book by Mark Hyman

Young Forever Book by Mark Hyman

Book Review: YOUNG FOREVER by Dr. Mark Hyman

Can you imagine… feeling sharper each year instead of fading away?

For the past five years, I have delved into the latest breakthroughs in maintaining brain fitness and preserving youthful vitality. In 2017, I discovered a groundbreaking program designed to reverse cognitive decline: the RECODE program, an acronym for Reversing Cognitive Decline. This program, initially introduced by Dr. Dale Bredesen, MD, in his influential book “The End of Alzheimer’s,” challenged the conventional notion that cognitive decline is a singular, isolated process. It unveiled a truth we now embrace: cognitive decline is a complex interplay of factors that begins with the subtle deterioration of healthy function, often decades before an official diagnosis.

In recent years, distinguished physicians and leaders in the field of health and longevity have authored books aimed at expanding our knowledge and equipping us with the skills needed to maintain optimal brain and body fitness. Notable titles such as “LifeSpan” by David Sinclair, PhD, “Outlive” by Peter Attia, MD, and “LifeForce” by Tony Robbins, Peter Diamanis, MD, and Robert Hariri, MD, PhD, have graced our shelves.

“It is now possible to get older while feeling younger.”

For those seeking insights into which lifestyle habits can turn back the aging process, I wholeheartedly recommend “Young Forever” for your home library. Written by Dr. Mark Hyman, a prominent figure, author, and the Founder and Medical Director of The Ultra Wellness Center at the Cleveland Clinic, this book boldly posits

Dr. Hyman has spent the last 25 years as an influential educator, author, and advocate for behavioral health and functional wellness. “Young Forever” represents the culmination of his extensive research and practical experience. As we face the prospect of an extended lifespan, our new challenge is to extend our health span accordingly.

“Aging itself is a disease state, not a normal process.”

Within the pages of this enlightening book, Dr. Hyman identifies the specific hallmarks of aging processes that impair normal bodily and cognitive functions. These hallmarks, including issues related to insulin, blood sugar, hormone balance, DNA damage, and more, can be likened to biomarkers of aging, signposts of the aging “disease.” Monitoring these biomarkers through lab tests and ensuring they align with healthy values is key.

Consider, for instance, the revelation that inadequate sleep, persistent stress, and excessive consumption of sugar and processed foods can trigger aberrant signals within our DNA and genetic machinery, leading to chaos and malfunction.

Dr. Hyman provides a clear roadmap for daily habits that safeguard both body and brain from the ravages of time. These include:

  • Eat less sugar and high-carbohydrate foods.
  • Fast at least 12-hours each day (dinner until breakfast, for example).
  • Eat plenty of plants-Dr Hyman suggests half of daily food consumed by volume.
  • Avoid processed foods and trans fats 100% of the time. That’s right! a total ban on fast food.
  • Exercise often. Exercise is the new, most effective drug on the market; get 4-6 days of aerobic exercise each week, with exercise intensity in Zone 2 (exercising to the point it is difficult to maintain a conversation) for 30-60 minutes per session.
  • Include yoga/stretching and strength training weekly.
  • Get sufficient sleep: 7-8 hours/night with “down-time” before bed (without watching a screen) Sleep in a dark, cool environment.
  • Maintain low stress levels. Practice meditation, breath work or contemplative practice daily. Spend time outdoors, in nature.
  • Follow the circadian (daily light) rhythm to boost Vitamin D/Melatonin; rise with the sun, wind-down when darkness arrives.
  • Socialize with friends, family and community. Nourish important relationships.

“Exercise is the new, most effective drug on the market.”

There are hundreds of ideas for improving fitness these days, but which trends should you follow? Dr. Hyman has outlined which habits to follow. He also suggests going the extra mile to boost health by using a hot sauna several times/week, wearing a Near InfraRed light therapy device on the head to stimulate brain energy, donning blue-light blocking glasses at night, gaining the courage to try a cold-plunge to stimulate mitochondrial regrowth, tissue repair and better circulation.

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When you’re ready to take charge of your brain fitness and embrace the invaluable relationship between a healthy brain and a healthy body, this book serves as an indispensable guide. Discover compelling medical reasons to embark on this journey, ignite your motivation, and acquire the knowledge necessary to address the root causes of aging. Embrace the possibility of getting older while feeling younger and revel in the vitality that “Young Forever” promises.