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It’s Never Too Late to Train a Better Brain—at Home!

Brain HQ by Posit Science

Brain HQ by Posit Science

The Power of Online Cognitive Training with BrainHQ

In an era where we constantly seek ways to hack physical fitness, improve health and prevent decline, there is good news for improving brain fitness at home!

We can enhance mental abilities and unlock the full potential of our minds with cognitive training; but which training is best? In the quest to validate programs that restore, build and restore cognitive strength, the Institute of Medicine (now known as the National Academy of Medicine) laid down a comprehensive checklist in 2015 to determine the scientific validity of brain training programs.

Lori has explored several leading online training programs and apps to find the best personal home cognitive training available today. There’s one standout that doesn’t require any additional devices or gadgets and meets the highest standards for efficacy: BrainHQ.

The Institute of Medicine’s checklist serves as a gold standard for evaluating brain training programs. It includes five essential criteria:

✅ Transfer of Training: Does the product demonstrate transfer of training to other laboratory tasks that measure the same cognitive constructs as the training task?

✅ Relevance to Real-World Tasks: Does the product demonstrate transfer of training relevant to real-world tasks?

✅ Control Groups: Has the product’s performance been evaluated using an active control group with similar cognitive benefit expectations as the experimental group?

✅ Retention of Skills: How long are the trained skills retained?

✅ Independent Replication: Have the purported benefits of the training product been replicated by research groups other than those selling the product?

The BrainHQ Advantage

BrainHQ is built on 30 years of brain research. It has garnered considerable attention due to its impressive track record in meeting each of the Institute of Medicine’s stringent criteria.

For example, a groundbreaking study conducted in 20xx by researchers from the Mayo Clinic and the University of Southern California, enlisted 487 participants in online exercises found within the Brain HQ training program. Results were nothing short of remarkable. Participants experienced substantial improvements in attention, processing speed, language skills, and memory. The gains were not only evident in BrainHQ scores but also in standardized memory tests.

Perhaps the most astounding aspect of BrainHQ is the longevity of its benefits. Studies indicate that the cognitive gains achieved through BrainHQ training may persist for at least a decade. Reference the article here.

Brain HQ Map

Notice the Difference When You Train

Another benefit that sets BrainHQ apart is its ability to translate improvement in cognitive gains into tangible real-world benefits. The BrainHQ game “Double Decision” (for example; where trainees must remember one of two vehicles in a scene and the location of a road sign), has been shown to enhance driving safety and reduce real-world car accidents. Click here to reference the article here.

Ready to Train at Home?

In a world where it pays to maintain a sharp and agile mind, BrainHQ can be a trusted partner on the path to fitness training for your brain. Get started with BrainHQ training here (receive a $15 discount on an annual subscription), or check out the BrainHQ website.

Signing up using the link below will entitle you to receive a quarterly quick review of training progress with 3 tips for improving brain performance.

Invest in brain fitness with 3x-weekly training to improve memory, attention, brain speed, problem-solving using BrainHQ as one of your “go-to” cognitive home training partners. You can experience the lasting benefits that this scientifically proven program offers.

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