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RECODE Coaching

Helping Clients Halt or Reverse Cognitive Decline

What is RECODE?

Over the years, Alzheimer’s drug trials have failed to produce an effective medicine for the disease, leading to the belief that nothing can be done. Today, there is published research documenting it is possible to halt, prevent, and even reverse Alzheimer’s symptoms. See published research here: Reversal of Cognitive Decline: A Novel Therapeutic ProgramReversal of Cognitive Decline in Alzheimer’s Disease

Dr. Dale Bredesen, MD outlined the therapeutic program in his first NYTimes bestseller, The End of Alzheimer’s.  The program has shown how to effectively “turn off” Alzheimer’s; some patients even reversed previous cognitive loss with documented return to normal brain function.  


Importantly, the early successes in clinical research demonstrated that Alzheimer’s disease and cognitive decline were not a disease with a single causal factor (i.e., you get Alzheimer’s because you have the ApoE4 gene).  Rather, cognitive decline appears to be more like heart disease or cancer—with many triggers occurring throughout the lifetime, culminating with a disease-challenged brain. 

Cognitive decline often starts as early as 20-30 years; women are more likely than men to be diagnosed.  Risk is only determined in-part by genetics; lifestyle, daily habits and patterns of activity, eating, sleep and brain stimulation appear to play a significant role in the development—and in the reversal—–of cognitive decline. 

The Program

The ReCODE program is offered by an organization formed by Dr. Bredesen and a team of experts in delivering health programs.  The group is called AHNP (click here to learn more) to support and guide individuals who wish to better understand the contributing factors to the development and accumulation of amyloid protein and associated cognitive decline in the brain, and what to do about it. 

The program addresses Alzheimer’s Disease and cognitive decline from a multi-factorial perspective as the decline of health and function in the brain follow a similar trajectory to other chronic disease such as cancer and cardiovascular disease.  meaning, it tracks and attempts to optimize a variety of biomarkers and behaviors.  Extensive lab testing is required in this program to detail which risk factors are present.  ReCODE participants usually work with a licensed practitioner (who is certified in the Bredesen Protocol to address the medical and therapeutic concerns, with periodic retesting and re-assessment) and a health coach (to assist with sorting out the top actions and how to implement them).

The Bottom Line

 If you have symptoms of cognitive decline or have been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease or dementia, there is help! The ReCODE Program can help by identifying and ranking which factors are of concern in your particular situation.  Depending on the contributing factors shown in your ReCODE Report, it may be helpful to work with a Bredesen Protocol Certified Health Coach or a team of specialists. 

Better Brain Balance Practitioner, Lori Miller, is trained and certified in the RECODE Program and can be found in the directory of practitioners at (type in Denver, ReCODE 2.0 certified to find her listing).  Lori stands by to assist those who are working with personal physicians or other licensed practitioners who have skills, training and expertise in reversing cognitive decline.  Lori offers the ReCODE Coaching program to assist those just starting the protocol, as well as those who have committed to making changes and those who are deep into the methods and tracking.

Tackle Cognitive Decline with An Expert Guide

We understand that the RECODE program can be challenging as it often demands necessary change to lifestyle and habits practiced over a lifetime.  We also know which factors are most important and what to do to master those, how to help you get the most from your efforts, and what is needed to maintain your success.  We help clients focus on what matters, to move the dial forward, and to optimize brain function.

Get the Precise Help You Have Been Looking For

Benefits of working with our Better Brain Balance RECODE Coach


Lori Miller has over 12 years experience in qEEG Brain Mapping and brain training within a private, integrative medicine practice, and within her Better Brain Balance clinic in Denver. Her professional training and experience allows an in-depth understanding of how the brain works, the breadth of issues that can be related to brain dysfunction, the effects of the right nutrition on the brain, neurotransmitters, learning, and emotion, sensory and memory processing.


While the RECODE program does not directly address the inner workings of the brain, the program does greatly impact ability to process, learn and remember. Lori can help you connect the dots between lab testing, metabolic issues, how your brain works, brain training and maintaining memory. This may help you better target brain training and activities at home that support brain fitness.


Lori has worked with a variety of licensed RECODE-certified practitioners and their clients over the past 2 years. Her ability to clarify difficult-to-understand information related to client health or lab status, to summarize next steps and order action items can reduce the overwhelm factor.


Lori is passionate about the brain, fitness, physiology and preventing decline. She is a Neural Sherlock Holmes who will go to the nth degree to help you find an answer to your question, find an expert who can answer your question, or come up with a practical solution to your concern.


Lori “walks her talk” and practices what she teaches. Not only is she an avid student of functional medicine, breathwork, exercise, fitness, biofeedback, neuroscience, peak performance, she personally has sampled, tried on and utilized many of the apps and tools.

BioTech & Diet

Lori has experience working with the KetoFlex 12/3 dietary recommendations, the use of the KetoMojo monitor, BioSense technology, Cronometer tracking, the Oura Ring, various sleep and fitness apps and trackers (all recommended in the Bredesen program).


Lori has recent certification in Functional Medicine (from the Functional Medicine University, 2019) with access to cutting-edge research, testing information and expert opinions.


Lori is connected with experts in the field of neuroscience, attends over 100 hours of advanced training every year in topics that matter to her clients.


Lori is a natural teacher and trainer (she has experience teaching biology, chemistry and nutrition classes); she has a knack for distilling difficult to understand concepts into easy-to-understand analogies.


Let’s face it: the challenge before you in the RECODE program as you begin the program is the blessing of volumes of possible methods and processes that Dr. Bredesen and his team have collected and organized to support your brain’s return to health. Lori can assist you by coaching you into success in each step of your journey by helping you focus on what is most important at this stage.


Lori has experience working with clients with inflammation, glycotoxity (dysregulation of blood sugar and insulin insensitivity), and cardiovascular issues (RECODE Types 1.0, 1.5, and 5.0); experience working with clients with previous head trauma and Traumatic Brain Injury (RECODE Type 4.0); and has experience supporting clients who present with Trophic, Type 2.0 symptoms and decline.


When she is not engaged with brain health and coaching clients, you’ll find Lori with family or friends, or enjoying the Colorado wilderness and the backcountry. Lori hiked over 375 miles on Colorado trails last summer!