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Change, healing, and personal growth are inside-out jobs.

Knowing where to start with brain issues can be complicated. We have simplified it for you.


LEARN how brain wave patterns are linked to optimal health, cognitive performance and happiness. Symptoms such as anxiety, insomnia, worry, depression, brain fog, and memory issues may be linked to brain fitness, lifestyle, daily habits, ability to relax, focus, regulate autonomic nervous system, experiences and breathing.


Is a brain map for you?

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Better Brain Balance is a living labratory for self improvement. We offer cutting-edge brainwave, cognitive & health assessment, neurofeedback training, and robust coaching to help clients deliberately tune up brain and nervous system for optimal cognitive and emotional fitness — from the inside-out.

Elevate Mind and Body

“Change, healing and personal growth are an inside-out job.”

Andrew Huberman

“The way you think, the way you behave, the way you eat, can influence your life by 30-50 years.”

Deepak Chopra

“About 95 percent of who we are by midlife is a series of subconscious programs that have become automatic…”

Joe Dispenza

“Everything you’ve ever wanted is on the other side of fear.”

Kelly Brogan

“Aging is death by a thousand cuts....wouldn’t it be great to halt dying and turn around the aging process?”

Dave Asprey

Take Brain Fitness Into Your Hands


QEEG Brain Map. Biomarker Survey. Stress Assessment.
Cognitive & Emotional Check. Functional Lab Review.
New Client Interview


Neurofeedback. Biofeedback Training. Meditation.
Cognitive Training. Nutrition Check. Progress Reports.


Breathwork. Meditation. Exercise & activity coaching.
Nutrition Tracking. Sleep Tracking. Daily Habit Tune-Up.
Energy Assessment. Coherence training. Gratitude.

We are a personal trainer for your brain

Anyone can google “brain health” or “brain training” to find information about what to do.  We find the issue is often knowing HOW to do it instead of just knowing WHAT to do.  Our work together with clients allows personal change and exploration with a knowledgeable guide.  

The Many Tools of

Better Brain Balance

  • QEEG Brain Map
  • sLORETA Assessment
  • Cognitive Testing
  • Heart Coherence
  • Mindfulness & Meditation
  • Capnometry
  • Neurofeedback
  • Biowell Energy Assessment
  • Vielight Brain Illumination
  • Respiration training
  • Buteyko Method
  • Macros Monitoring
  • Keto & Glucose Monitoring
  • Sleep Tracking
  • Stress Assessment
  • Brain Nutrition Basics
  • HRV Training
  • Lab Test Biomarkers

Are you ready to unlock your full potential? We are ready.

See For Yourself

What Clients Are Saying:

The doctors throw so many ideas at me to help my cognitive decline that it is overwhelming. Lori helps me sort out the confusing information and make a plan for what to get started on now.

-ARCognitive Decline

Working with Lori was the number one thing to improve my life living with a brain injury. My clarity of thinking, stamina and also my ability to read improved dramatically.

-KRBrain Injury

She is more than just a brain mapping neurofeedback specialist. She helped me open up to the responsibility of being in control of my own life and destiny. She's taught me that I know how to solve all of my own problems.