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June is brain awareness and alzheimer’s awareness month! Take the purple pledge! 

Use this site to learn more about the brain and how it works, to investigate the brain, gut and body connection, optimal nutrition for the brain, to find resources to improve sleep, mood, health and performance, to connect with a brain coach and more!!

Located in Denver CO, we offer non-invasive methods of brain training and regeneration such as neurofeedback, qeeg brain mapping, biofeedback, and nutrition coaching as an alternative to medication.

Adopt these habits for just 21 days, and watch your mind and body change!
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  1. Sleep 7+ hours/night. Develop a healthy pre-sleep routine (power-down electronics around sunset, limit daily caffeine intake and don’t snack after dinner), create a healthy sleep environment (dark, cool room, no electronics, put cell phone in airplane mode or place it in another room), rise at the same time every morning.
  2. Exercise 45-50 minutes, 4-5 times/week. New research is showing that AEROBIC EXERCISE MAY BE #1 IN ALZHEIMER’S DISEASE PREVENTION you can take to prevent cognitive decline and maintain mental fitness. .

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Neurofeedback Denver CO

Neurofeedback is often an effective alternative to medications, or can be used to complement medications and psychotherapy if already a part of your brain health program.

Better Brain Spa™

A special place to relax mind & body and improve patience and relaxation.

Brain Maps

The qEEG Brain Map and Neuro-Map report is state of the art technology providing an in- depth analysis and guidance for Neurofeedback/ NeuroIntegration Therapy.

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Learn How to:

Tune up your brain for better brain fitness.

Sleep better.

Clear brain fog, stay focused and get motivated.

Improve behavior, performance and confidence in kids.

Release anxiety and learn to relax.

Lessen fatigue and have more energy.

Heal the gut and improve your brain.

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Neurofeedback Denver CO

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