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The Stellar Brain Program

Stellar Brain Program

Harness 86 billion neuronal connections in your brain to

activate the healing power of mind and body! 

Our signature 4-month brain training and cognitive-enhancement program is a personal brain fitness laboratory designed to offer exploration and practice of tools and methods to build a healthier brain.  It’s like a master-class for mind-body-spirit.   

The Stellar Brain Program gets to the heart of regulating daily patterns of thought, habits, action and emotion.  You will practice scientific evidence-based techniques and tools as well as explore practices from wisdom of the ages.   We welcome those who are already on the path of fitness, wellness, self-improvement and peak performance who wish to further tune and balance mind and body. 


Check brain fitness as it compares to others your age with an EEG brain wave “map”.   Learn how mind, body, the autonomic nervous system and emotional brain work together by assessing heart coherence, stress and energy status, emotional check and cognitive testing.  Uncover what is preventing excellent brain health.  Find where brain imbalance may be related to symptoms such as panic attacks, anxiety, feeling overwhelmed, insomnia, tinnitus, pain, poor attention, impulsiveness, distractibility, foggy brain, lack of motivation, depression, and more.  

What does the Stellar Brain Program assess?

To bring to light current strengths and to find what is hindering health and preventing brain fitness, clients of Stellar Brain receive quantitative EEG brain wave analysis (called a “brain map”), assessment of heart-mind coherence and the relaxation response, and an opportunity to “see” the energy of the body using gas discharge visualization.  Our aim is to uncover what is hindering health and preventing brain fitness. 

The program measures:

EEG brainwave function
cognitive strengths
brain-heart coherence
stress and energy status
emotional balance
cognitive status
daily habits


Assessing how the brain works is just the first step to designing the training program needed to address issues and concerns.  Learning what to do is the next step, and to build a better brain, create change in neural connections and learn new patterns, we must also know HOW to do that.  The “secret sauce” iin the Stellar Brain Program is building a strong brain with science-based neurofeedback brainwave training (train at home or in our clinic) and incorporating daily practice to improve ability to direct attention and mastery of achieving calm focus.

Brains Optimized


As clients become accustomed to training brainwaves, heart coherence and relaxation during the first month, it is time to incorporate cognitive training (exercises for brain speed, attention, visual-spatial processing and memory games, for example) and additional tips for enhancing daily habits and practices.  This phase continues over the next 3 months, and is supported by weekly virtual coaching and monthly re-assessment.  

PRECODE (The Bredesen Program, Prevention) Assessment is recommended, but not required.  Alternatively, clients may submit laboratory testing performed with other practitioners in order to learn which lab biomarkers support a healthy brain.  

This program works well as an adjunct to concierge and primary care medicine where you may have already received lab testing or other integrative medicine assessment but want to optimize brain health and physiology.