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The Impact of Electronic Gadgets on Brain Health

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The Impact of Electronic Gadgets on Brain Health

aapb conference 03.2015Last month,  I attended the annual AAPB conference in Austin, Texas and just have to share the cool stuff that is coming to light in the unfolding fields of biofeedback and EEG neurofeedback.

Hot topics this year in brain health and psychophysiology surround the impact of electronic gadgets on the developing and adult brain. For more reading on the topic, be sure to check check out the book:  iMinds by Mari Swingle, PhD-–it’s not good news.

MuseHeadbandInnovative wearables that sense brain patterns and provide feedback for training of emotional regulation and focus are emerging heavily. We actually use a MUSE headband in our office to assist us with brain mapping. You can purchase an app unit and use your very own MUSE headband on the go or at home.


There were also several updates to advances in understanding phenotypes, which are groups of variations to normal brain wave patterns, that are beginning to be recognized, researched, and may correlate with metabolic states, as well as advances in our understanding of insomnia, fatigue, depression, and deep states.

Neurofeedback practitioners:  please check out the upcoming AAPB class May 7th on Alterations of EEG patterns seen with excessive technology use.  CLICK HERE for more info.


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