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Bliss Special

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Bliss Special

Ready for a Fabulous 2015
Ready for a Fabulous 2015

Refreshed and Ready

for a Fabulous 2015…

Peace begins within!



We invite you to relax and unwind during this busy time of year in our Better Brain Spa. Here you can learn to restore inner balance,  renew perspective and patience.

  • Stay calm and carry on
  • Get more done during this holiday season!
  • Relax and restore your spirit

Sign up for the amazing Better Brain Balance™ BLISS-OUT package today! Click the link below to schedule an appointment.

SPECIAL 2015 PRICING:   $199

What is included in the Bliss-out Package?

Receive a personalized 30-minute Brain Spa orientation with our Better Brain™ coach, three (3) delicious hours of brain training in the most relaxed manner in our comfy Brain Spa setting.  Chill out with a movie, deeply relax with a guided meditation and music, or stretch your brain flexibility or more with a new brain app. We will track your brain waves while you train and guide your brain to release anxiety, achieve calm focus and optimize brain function.  You’ll get tips on nutrition for brain balance, suggestions for brain game apps, exercise, inspiration and expanding your mindfulness repertoire.

Call (303) 780-7382 to sign up

No children under age 12.

And that’s not all….

Sign up and receive a complimentary 24-pack box of Javita Gourmet Energy +Mind coffee

This means you get:

  • Personalized 30-minute introduction to better brain training
  • Three hours in the Better Brain Balance Brain Spa
  • Experience using the latest brain training tools and games
  • Inspired to go for your best self in the new year

Get motivated and inspired to make a quantum leap in your life in 2015!

Sign up now by contacting Better Brain Balance!

*Spa use is subject to availability. Hours of operation: Mon-Fri 9-5 pm. No outside food or drink allowed. No children under 15 years of age. Not transferrable; all brain spa clients must take an orientation to equipment and programs. Thereafter, clients have access to all equipment and resource within the Brain Spa. Special promotional package is good thru January 31, 201.

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