GK_headshot_2018Ginkgo Ma teaches self-mastery through Kundalini yoga, ancient meditation tools, and yogic technologies. She has been a student of the Kundalini Yoga teachings of Yogi Bhajan since the womb (a yogi from India who brought the teachings of Kundalini to the west, first teaching in Canada then the US back in the 1960’s).  Ginkgo Ma has been a Kundalini teacher since 2001 offering countless hours of meditation practice. She has studied in the Kundalini Research Institute Teacher Trainer program for the past 10 years.  

She walks with the practice of being a “householder yogi”.  This means that instead of hiding away in a cave in the middle of the Himalayas to meditate, she brings meditation practices to everyday daily life.  

Technology and pervasive information and social media can overwhelm our senses and lure us away from being centered and calm; we know that meditation can help us manage our reactions and responses to the overstimulation, overload and overwhelm, As we practice, we can learn to better navigate life challenges, lower stress, and maintain our own happiness.

Ginkgo Ma graduated from the University of Georgia with a BFA in photography in 2003. After recovering from a TBI in 2013, she developed an artistic style of imagery (built on her Kundalini roots) that can be used for visual meditation.  She has been a professional artist since 2014; a few of her art pieces are currently on display at Better Brain Balance.  The portfolio can be seen at www.gdkartist.com.

Her individual coaching sessions and small-group meditation classes at Better Brain Balance guide participants to learn the basics of breathwork, energy flow, and mental concentration. Benefits may include bringing energy to tired bodies and fatigued minds, improving focus and concentration, learning to more easily relax. Her goal is to help clients gain self-mastery, which may benefit mind, body, and spirit.

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