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Our mission is to help you improve your life. Really.

We specialize in Brain Training. We apply the latest in neuroscience and a deep understanding of how brain and body function together to optimize mental, physical and emotional health. A strong, resilient, flexible MIND can help adults and kids of all ages be their best.

We use qEEG brain mapping and individualized assessments to better understand where imbalances and unhealthy patterns exist  and enhance learning, memory, cognition, emotional health and nutrition status. Brain training helps with improving sleep, attention and self-regulation, reducing anxiety, depression and fatigue with a mind-body approach. Often, imbalances that occur in brain wave patterns may be linked to underlying metabolic concerns (neurotransmitter, immune or toxicity status, blood sugar dysregulation, and adrenal or thyroid issues, for example) as well as everyday habits and beliefs. Thus, we may also consider antecedents and triggers that have led to current conditions, while addressing current symptoms.

We have observed the incredible capacity of the brain and body to heal itself, and work one-on-one to guide and encourage each client. We offer Brain Training Denver CO.

Professional Organizations

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Mission Statement of AAPB  “To represent and promote the science and practice of self-regulation to enhance health and performance.”