Introducing the Better Brain Spa™!

can't fall asleepWhat is a brain spa? Why do you need it?

The Brain Spa is a relaxing place in our clinic where clients can sit back, unwind, and take a deep breath — for real relief from the BUZZ of everyday life with self-paced brain training tools and resources.  It’s a mini-VACATION for your brain.

We teach you how to step away from the hustle and hurried pace, relax more deeply, learn how to tap into the wisdom of your mind, body and heart.


The Better Brain Spa is a place dedicated to SELF-MASTERY where each client is both student and teacher.  You will learn how to:

  • engage clear focus for better attention and memory
  • raise your physical, emotional and mental energies for a more positive outlook
  • observe your stress pattern and learn how to truly relax and sleep better
  • direct your mind and body awareness to accomplish your goals
  • let go of a controlling nature to release the people you care about from your worries
  • trust your intuition and “felt sense”

Who needs the Brain Spa?

You need the Brain Spa if you:

  • feel stressed and can’t seem  to find a time or place to relax
  • are experiencing brain fog or memory problems
  • have tried to relax by exercising more, but end up feeling more tired
  • can’t fall asleep easily
  • wake up in the middle of the night and have difficulty getting back to sleep
  • worry too much
  • are over-bearing and have trouble letting go
  • are experiencing panic attacks
  • are using alcohol or other substances to relax, but don’t like the side effects
  • have trouble settling down or paying attention
  • find yourself distracted on a daily basis
  • medications don’t seem to work for anxiety
Featuring: the Wild Divine ( a biofeedback game that encourages relaxation and self-mastery,  beautiful graphics, calming music, effective instruction, and fun to play).

Getting Started

Introductory Brain Health Consult

Complimentary Meet-n-greet with Lori Miller (30 min)
Bring your questions; learn if brain mapping. EEG Biofeedback or the Brain Spa is for you.

Schedule your complimentary 30 minute consultation with Lori Miller.