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Neurofeedback has been called EEG biofeedback training.  It can be an effective alternative to medications, or can be used to complement medications, psychotherapy, massage, energy work and other alternative medicine practices.

Neurofeedback is actually “brain training”, or more appropriately, brain learning. We use targeted practice to help your brain learn a healthier brain wave pattern to think more clearly, improve focus, attention, emotional regulation, sleep better, lessen pain and fatigue, learn faster, remember better.

As you know, the field of brain fitness is exploding.  In my last check, there were over 3600 apps for cell phones for brain training alone!!!  We are learning more all the time about the amazing capacity of the human brain—it’s PLASTICITY and ability to change, and grow new pathways, and evolve.  Nature and Nurture matter here!

What makes neurofeedback different from brain games like Lumosity (which we endorse for improved attention and memory) and other online games?

Neurofeedback training can be targeted to the areas of the cortex most out-of-balance, can assist the brain in restoring or improving connectivity, and call on the brain to improve deeper brain connections and messaging for better processing.  Well designed scientific trials are demonstrating clinical effectiveness for neurofeedback.

How Does Brain Training Work?

To target your neurofeedback training to the most needed areas of your brain, we use QEEG brain mapping prior to beginning sessions. A brain map appointment is scheduled for 90 minutes, and includes a brain health intake session and surveys to evaluate cognitive, emotional memory and processing symptoms. Your concerns are assessed along with the brain wave patterns we find in the brain map. Click here to learn more about qeeg brain mapping.

The neurofeedback device we use for data collection is the Clear Mind Neurointegrator™ and New Mind’s Mini-Q mapping program for assessment of your brain wave patterns.

Typically 20-30 sessions are needed, but this will vary for each individual. Clients are trained using computer-based feedback with music or video or games, helps your brain learn. Brain wave activity is tracked real-time during each session, and training with neurofeedback may include photic LED training (with lights) to more rapidly guide your brain to optimal brain wave patterns. . We have found this to be a powerful and effective means to achieve training goals.

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Brain Mapping

A comprehensive picture of imbalances that may be present.

Neurofeedback Training

A comprehensive picture of imbalances that may be present.

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A comprehensive picture of imbalances that may be present.