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Adopt these habits for just 21 days, and watch your mind and body change!
Click HERE to download a pdf version for yourself
  1. Sleep 7+ hours/night. Develop a healthy pre-sleep routine (power-down electronics around sunset, limit daily caffeine intake and don’t snack after dinner), create a healthy sleep environment (dark, cool room, no electronics, put cell phone in airplane mode or place it in another room), rise at the same time every morning.
  2. Exercise 45-50 minutes, 4-5 times/week. New research is showing that AEROBIC EXERCISE MAY BE #1 IN ALZHEIMER’S DISEASE PREVENTION you can take to prevent cognitive decline and maintain mental fitness. .
  3. Be selective in your diet. This is one of the most important steps you can take to turn on the brain and prevent cognitive decline!! Include mushrooms, onions, garlic, leafy greens, cruciferous veggies (broccoli family), wild-caught fish, pasteurized eggs and starchy foods that offer plenty of digestible fiber: sweet potatoes, rutabagas, parsnips and green bananas. Modified Paleo is often ok, with plenty of nuts and seeds, limited red meats. No processed meats. Limit or avoid most grains. Limit or avoid most dairy.
  4. Pay attention to gut health. Monitor bowels: use the Bristol Scale. The digestive tract receives, breaks down, absorbs, assimilates all of our nutrients so gut health is foundational for optimal health. It holds 3-4 pounds of live bacteria and organisms Poor bowel health = poor nutrition status. Eat plenty of non-glycemic vegetables, low-sugar fruits like berries, low-sugar raw apples and pears.
  5. Drink plenty of pure water. Choose water as your main beverage. Avoid fruit juices unless they are organic and diluted at least 50:50. Limit caffeinated tea and coffee. Avoid all soda and sweetened or artificially sweetened beverages.
  6. Live a balanced life. Maintain healthy relationships. Don’t take things too seriously. Do your best, work hard, find joy in the little things, and be playful every day!
  7. Skill-up, train your brain to be mentally quick, focused, flexible, resourceful, to remember better, improve your capacity to learn.  We recommend BrainHQ for brain games! The only online brain training that was developed with rigorous standards by cognitive neuroscientists!! Check it out here:  brainhq.com

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